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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome, new browser or new desktop os ?

Today I watched the google chrome demo, and I must say it looks awesome.  For me its not just a new browser its an attempt to create a desktop os to run web apps.  Even the language they use suggests that the overall aim

"We see chrome as more of a window manager"

Other highlights that elude to this are :-

Each tabs run in separate process and sand boxed, even has its own task manager to kill tabs and plugins

Compiled Java Script, allowing you to utilise java script more in your pages

Web Apps can be run without all the normal browser decoration, so they look like a normal desktop app, good uses of this are google calendar and gmail

And to top it all its open source....and works with any search provider...Other cool features Incognita windows allowing you to search the web with out recording the urls in the web history.  This proves to be important based on the fact that  it utilises browser history to optimise behaviour.

Google have created a desktop web platform that is optimised for searching and running web apps, perhaps in not so distant future all we will care about is having a machine that runs chrome and thats all we care about....Im for one going to be downloading chrome and start using it...

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