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Monday, October 05, 2009

Parallel utilities

Whilst working with .NET 4 parallel extensions I often find the need to extend the framework to assist me in various day to day tasks.  I’ve finally got around to compiling a library of such extensions.

The extensions include the following

  • Set Process Affinity, so I can see how my algorithm scales on a different number of cores.  Will select non hyperthreaded cores first.
  • Determine the number of Real cores, not including hyperthreading ones.
  • A Range type that supports the partitioning of a range so that I can farm sub ranges out to different tasks
  • A Sequence class for building non integer parallel loops or loops with steps other than 1
  • Finally a simplified way to handle aggregated exceptions.

You can download the library from here

Its a Visual Studio 2010 project, containing the library and a unit test project which should provide enough insight to how the library works.

Im very keen to know what people think of the aggregate exception handling.

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