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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Devweek 2012

RSK guys will be speaking at DevWeek this year, and as usual we will be talking about a large range of cutting edge topics, including

Our fluffy cuddly colouring in guy Dave Wheeler will be doing a huge number of sessions on Windows 8 Metro including the Keynote to get you all fired up, but don’t think they will be all soft, one session includes a COM primer for all those youngsters who didn’t take their COM apprentiship.

Rich will be covering topics from Whats New in WCF 4.5, and the ever cool Reactive Framework, and a deep dive into the GC, something all developers should have intimate knowledge of.

Andy will be covering the new async functionality of C#5, highlighting how you now write both ui and server side code to consume and enable the use of these new wonderful keywords, and doing a whole day of threading as a pre con on Monday

Kevin will be presenting a day of building MVC applications, along with a session on unit testing. 

During the breaks Dr Rock Man will also be there to try and solve your specific technical problems or just happy to hear you rant about the code base you have just inherited.

In total we will be presenting a total 19 sessions, plus pre and post conference sessions.  Hopefully see you there with what should be a fun pact week..

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