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Monday, July 03, 2006

Delegate binding in .NET 2

In .NET 1.1 a delegate defined like

delegate void Proc(string foo);

Could only be instantiated with a method which had that exact signature. In .NET 2.0 they relaxed it so that a method defined as

void MyProc( object bar );

Could be wrapped by the above delegate, since MyProc parameter is more restrictive, which makes sense.However what you can't do is

delegate void Proc(int foo);

And make it wrap up

void MyProc(object bar );

The compiler will not let you...Hold on, int ultimately derives from System.Object so why not. My guess is that it comes down to boxing, since in order to make code work the method MyProc must see a reference type. The code invoking the delegate, or the CLR generated code would have to be smart enough to see that the actual implementation was expecting a reference type and perform a boxing operation on the parameters being passed. So perhaps the seamless type system is starting to show a few cracks....

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