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Monday, July 03, 2006

.NET Generics and C++ STL

A fellow instructor was commenting, well moaning to be exact about the fact that .NET generics were not as flexible as C++ templates. In this particular case he wanted to produce a generic Complex number type, such that he could write a single version and instantiate it for ints, doubles etc. This is trivial in C++ templates, but not so in .NET. I did manage to get something close C++ templates in terms of functionality, the details are too long for my primitive blogging editor so Ive written up my findings here .


Whilst undertaking this task there is a feature I would really like from the C# compiler and that is a pragma to turn auto boxing off. Why well when writing code that you wish to tune to death, such as a generic algorithm it would be nice to be told at compile time that boxing will be occurring. I guess I could write a generic unit test that inspects a method and fails if it finds a boxing op code

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